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  1. So Am I

From the recording As Is


What are you doing
On those city streets tonight?
Is that starlight blooming
Or is it dancing in your eyes?
Are they playing our song
And does it feel sad like they're singing it wrong?
And are you lonely tonight?
So am I

Did you see that red moon
Fade to black and back that night?
And did it send you
Back to when we danced til' the fire died?
Were you holding back tears
Wondering how time could erase all those years?
And were you lonely that night
So was I

Have you been sleeping
Or have the nights just crept on by;
Replaying demons every time you close your eyes?
Have you been drifting through your days
Faking your smiles, though your eyes show the pain?
And have you been lonely most nights?
So have I

If someday our eyes meet
Underneath a starry sky,
Will you stand smiling
Or will you turn and walk on by?
Will you be happy with somebody else
But oh for a moment in your heart you can't help
Wondering if only that night...?
So will I